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About The Burn

4 color process: If the colors cannot be separated, then a four color film is printed and four screens are generated. Each color ink is applied wet, in sequence, on top of the previous ink (special ink), thus allowing the color to be blended before drying.

Artwork: The process of taking a concept and converting it to an electronic image.

Color Separation:: Each color in the art must be printed on a separate film and then created on a separate screen.

Digitizing: The transformation of the artwork to a machine language so that the sewing machine translates the image to stitches.

Embroidery: The method of putting a design onto a garment using stitches. The cost to embroider is usually charged by the amount of stitches.

Flash: The method used to set (dry) each ink before another ink is applied.

Screen printing: The process of forcing special ink through a screen to a garment.

Screens: The process of putting photo emulsion on a screen and then burning the image on it. After that, the non-exposed emulsion is washed out and the result is a printable image left on the screen.

Setup: The process of setting up the screen in the printing apparatus so that it is lined up with the garment.

Spot Color: To create a film and print each individual color separately, flashing in between so that the ink sets before the next ink is applied.

Underlay: Is a white based color ink that is laid under the other colors. This helps accentuate the colors, especially if the printed garment is a dark garment.

Washout: The process of changing an ink color partway through a print job. Printing is stopped, the first color ink is removed from the screens, the screens are thoroughly cleaned (washed), and then printing is continued with a different ink for the rest of the job. There is a separate charge for this. This usually happens when printing on different colored garments within an order.