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I'm new to all of this. Can you help me understand the terms used in the custom clothing world?
Sure, check out our glossary of terms.

Custom clothing sounds like a complicated process. What will I pay for?

  • Garment: cost will vary by garment type and volume.
  • Embroidery: varies depending on stitch count. A standard chest design would be approximately 9,000 stitches and the cost to digitize the electronic image is about $100.
  • Screen: $25 per color.
  • Non-Camera Ready Artwork: Artwork and producing the film for each color is $25 per piece of artwork.
  • Camera Ready Artwork: no charge if you send us artwork created with all the proper color separations in vector form and ready to be printed to films. Screen and setup charges still apply.
  • Color Matching: colors that require color match using the PMS (Pantone Matching System) will be subject to a charge of $50. (See disclaimer)
  • Washout: $20.
  • Re-handling: $15.
  • Prototype (one finished garment): $150 plus artwork fees.

When should I choose embroidery versus screen printing?
For multiple color artworks in a left chest size, embroidery is best. The usual stitch count for a left chest design is about 9000 stitches, and the digitizing cost is about $100. There is no extra cost associated with the different thread colors. The end product is also more professional looking.

For one and two color images, screen printing is usually the best way to put an image on a garment, especially if the image is large. The screen charge is about $50 per color and each color ads to the printing cost.

What is the maximum number of colors that can be printed in spot color artwork?
The maximum number of colors to print is 8. Each time a flash is used, the color count is reduced by 1.